Best Weed Eater Strings of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons


best weed eater string
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The best weed eater string can transform even the worst weed trimmer into a convenient tool that you’ll reach for frequently.

Although the build quality of the tool itself is essential, the type of line that you choose can have a significant impact on how easily you manage the vegetation on your property.

You might assume that all types of trimmer lines are the same when, in reality, many different styles are recommended for an assortment of outdoor projects.

In this guide, we’ll explore five of the best weed trimmer strings that you can get your hands on for many lawn care tasks.

Comparison Chart

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line

Anleolife Commercial Square Trimmer Line

Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line

DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line

Best Weed Eater String Reviews

1. Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line

The Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line is a useful option for landscapers who are looking for a professional-grade line that is easily adaptable to several electric and gas-powered trimmers.

Made from high-quality materials, this line is likely to last substantially longer than most other types of round designs.

Product Highlights

The materials used to design the Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line are impressive.

It is fully impact-resistant, making it a formidable choice if you will have to trim vegetation close to hard surfaces, such as concrete.

With a combination of nylon copolymer and a list of additives, you’ll find that this spool is likely to last much longer than the line that originally came with your weed trimmer.

Also, it has the added benefit of breaking less often, so you won’t have to feed some new line into the cutting head continually.

With its round design, you’ll be able to tackle an onslaught of tasks around your property, allowing you to easily slice through the grass and other types of moderately thick vegetation.

You’ll find that this particular type of round line is even more durable than square, which is typically a favorite for its cutting power.

This point is especially true, as you’ll find the 0.080-inch diameter of this line is an impeccable option for small household jobs, such as lighter weeds surrounding your gardens.

Fortunately, it is easily accessible within its user-friendly container that easily stores the line until it needs to be used.

You’ll also appreciate its versatility, as it fits in the majority of trimmer models, including Stihl, DeWalt, Ryobi, and Greenworks weed trimmers.

What to Like About It 

The Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line has the perfect thickness without being too stiff or brittle, so cutting through the grass will be a breeze.

It’s also quite efficient, as you will likely need as little as 20 feet of line for 1,500 linear feet of your property, even if you’re cutting relatively close to concrete.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t create any extra noise when cutting, which is a concern with most affordable trimmer line brands.

What Not to Like About It

With new cutting techniques, this line might not last as long as it should, especially if you nick concrete regularly.

Also, the line is quite likely to tangle in your weed eater, which can be quite inconvenient if you have an auto-feed system.


  • Thick and pliable
  • Low-noise
  • Efficient


  • Average durability
  • Likely to tangle

2. Anleolife Commercial Square Trimmer Line 

Opting for a commercial trimmer line could be a preferable option, even if you’re looking for a type of string that can be used on household properties.

You’ll find that its quality is on-par with some of the more expensive types of trimmer line on the market, primarily if you use it in a high-powered weed trimmer.

Product Highlights

What makes the Anleolife Commercial Square Trimmer Line unique is that it is a multi-sided cord, which is one of the best options for medium- and heavy-duty jobs.

The multi-sided cord allows you to slice through the grass with ease but also to deal with thick weeds and some types of brush.

If you need a trimmer line that will give an incredibly clean cut, this is one of the better options to consider.

This line is made from an assortment of plasticized materials that makes it thick and resilient without being too brittle and easily breakable.

It also has a high concentration of nylon 66 copolymer, which is ideal for adding strength and durability with the line without making it too heavy.

Overall, you’ll find that it’s relatively resistant to damage.

Another feature that makes the Anleolife Commercial Square Trimmer Line even more convenient is that the spool comes with a built-in line cutter.

This means that you can easily feed a new line into your weed eater and cut away any brittle and broken pieces.

What to Like About It

This weed trimmer line is incredibly flexible, which helps to reduce the number of times it will break in the middle of a project.

You’ll also find that its resilience will help you to reserve more line when compared to other brands; you’ll often use several feet of this model compared to one to two spools of a different type.

Fortunately, the multi-sided design is a significant upgrade from round lines, especially if you have some thick brush to deal with.

What Not to Like About It

Some have found the line is average and comparable to what comes with your weed trimmer, though this depends on what you want to use it for.

It’s not the best option for thick vegetation, nor will it be resilient against concrete, curbs, and driveways, which is vital to know.

Also, the diameter of the line is thin, which might not make it ideal for heavy-duty lawn maintenance.


  • Flexible
  • Upgrade from round line
  • Efficient


  • Average performance
  • Will break against the concrete
  • Thin diameter

3. Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines

The central premise of the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines is to offer better performance and improved resilience when doing professional and at-home lawn maintenance.

Much like its name suggests, you are likely to find that the quality of this string trimmer line is far superior to some of the less expensive variations on the market.

Product Highlights

Choosing the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines as your next spool of line will surely improve the efficiency of your trimmer, as it offers optimal acceleration and far better performance.

The primary design of this line excels at offering longer life, faster performance, and impressive flight characteristics that allow it to whip through the air in a controlled fashion.

You’re surely going to appreciate just how efficient maintaining your property will become, as you will spend less time working on your lawn and gardens.

Fortunately, this trimmer line also features a patented design that is low-noise, helping to reduce the obnoxious buzzing sound that most trimmers are known for.

Overall, you should be able to reduce the noise of your line by at least 50% only by switching to this brand.

Also, you will receive a free line cutter with the spool, which is a convenient extra tool to have on hand.

With a diameter of 0.095 inches and a ½-pound line, you’ll find that this is one of the best alternatives to get your hands on.

What to Like About It 

The Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines is instrumental for thicker vegetation, allowing you to chew through the grass and brush like butter.

You’ll also find the durability of the line is superior to most other brands, limiting the number of times it will break apart when dealing with tall weeds.

Fortunately, it’s very versatile with most weed eater models, as well, which is essential to note.

What Not to Like About It

The most considerable disadvantage of this line is that it’s round, which limits its capabilities compared to if it were square in design.

You’ll also find that it won’t cut as accurately and straight as the square line would.

In turn, it can be challenging to manage if you’re trying to achieve a perfectly manicured edge.


  • Useful for thick vegetation
  • Durable and resilient
  • Universal design


  • Lacks accuracy
  • Could cut crooked

4. DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line 

Available in spools up to 225 feet, the DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line is an excellent option for most weed trimmers because it’s quite flexible and has a couple of notable features.

From one of the most reputable tool brands in the world, you’ll surely appreciate upgrading your generic weed trimmer line to this all-inclusive design.

Product Highlights

The DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line is highly aerodynamic, allowing the string to flow freely through the cutting head of your trimmer.

You’ll find that managing different types of grasses will be far more comfortable than if you were to opt for a basic line design that can easily get clogged in the spool or get twisted.

The materials used to construct this line are also essential to consider, as they help to add an ample amount of durability to its design while still maintaining its flexibility.

Another important highlight is that you will be less likely to go through the line compared to other brands, as it is highly impact-resistant.

Whether you are edging your lawns close to a curb or if you’re managing your gardens, you’ll have a durable line that you can use for long-term projects.

Also, the diameter is 0.080 inches, which is an optimal thickness for commercial projects, as well.

What to Like About It 

The DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line lasts much longer than ones from primary brands, which makes it a convenient upgrade for most weed eaters.

You’ll also find that the color of the string is quite beneficial, as you’ll easily be able to find the pieces among your grass.

If you’ve had some tangled line before, you’ll be glad to know that the flexibility of this line helps to make it far less likely to get trapped in the middle of a project.

What Not to Like About It

Depending on how you use your weed trimmer, you might find this line gets chewed up quickly, primarily if you work at a high RPM.

Unfortunately, as it’s not designed to be low-noise, it can create a louder working environment, making it not that ideal for extended use.


  • Good upgrade
  • Useful for grass
  • Highly visible color
  • Unlikely to tangle


  • Chews up quickly at high speeds
  • Loud

5. Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line 

As another option for a commercial-grade trimmer line, the Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line is a phenomenal tool for an assortment of tasks.

Homeowners might want to consider investing in a professional line, as it will have a combination of superior materials that offer optimal resilience and user-friendly features.

Product Highlights

The main highlight of this line is that it is highly universal, allowing you to quickly put it to good use in gas-powered and electric weed trimmers alike.

You might even find that it’s compatible with specialty curved shaft string trimmers.

The multi-edge design of the string is another notable feature to consider, as it allows you to handle medium- and heavy-duty projects with ease.

The six-point star design lets you cut up to three times more area than round or square strings, especially if you know you have thick vegetation on your property.

On average, you should receive up to 14 refills with the 280 feet of line in every spool, and you’ll have a built-in cutting tool to help you easily manage the line.

Also, you’ll receive thorough instructions with the line that can help to make it easier to feed into your specific trimmer.

What to Like About It 

The Arnold Maxi-Edge Trimmer Line is best to use around hard surfaces, such as fences or driveways, as it won’t break as easily as other designs.

When it comes to dealing with thick vegetation, the six-point diameter is incredibly useful, as it will power through some of the most rigid vegetation on your property.

Also, if you typically use moderate speeds with your weed trimmer, you’ll find that it lasts much longer than some of the more expensive commercial-grade lines.

What Not to Like About It

You’ll likely spend a lot of time unspooling this line, as it requires a very systematic side-to-side approach to be adequately fed.

Also, if you intend to use high speeds to cut, you’re likely to chew through far more line than if you were to use lower rates, which could extend the length of your project.


  • Useful around hard edges
  • Masters thick vegetation
  • Ideal for moderate speeds


  • Difficult to unspool
  • Breaks easily at high speeds

Buyer’s Guide

With an understanding of the most critical features of the weed eater line, you’ll have the opportunity to make the most out of your trimmer so that it quickly becomes the most useful tool in your shed.

If you’ve always experienced problems with the reliability and durability of your trimmer line, it could be time to consider the following features of the best line on the market.

1. Shape

The shape of your weed trimmer line is one of the most crucial features to take note of, as the form can affect the power of the line as well as how long it lasts.

There are several different types of shapes to think about, each with their benefits and disadvantages.


The round line is the most universal and is likely to be included with your weed trimmer purchase; however, it’s not the most durable option.

If you intend to cut through thin grasses, a round line is more than sufficient enough.

However, it’s not ideal for longer cutting sessions and will easily break against fences and concrete.


This type of line is also popular, as a square is sturdy enough to deal with thicker weeds and most types of grass.

It also has a little more durability than round but still isn’t the most substantial option available.

Another disadvantage to the square line is that it can easily damage some aspects of your property, such as trees and fences.


You’ll find that a multi-sided trimmer line is a highly versatile option if you know you’ll have to work with brush, weeds, and regular grass.

Its cutting power is far superior, but where it lacks is in durability, as hard surfaces can tend to wreak havoc against multi-sided designs.


When it comes to commercial line, twisted is one of the most popular designs; it is, by far, the strongest and can handle heavy workloads.

With that said, it is also more expensive than most other types of the line, but the extra cost can be worth it if you know you’ll be spending a lot of time working on your property.

The twisted line is ideal for thick vegetation and for areas where you’ll be working close to hardened surfaces, such as concrete.

2. Diameter

The diameter may also be expressed in thickness and can have a strong bearing on the aerodynamics and durability of the line.

Typically, the thicker the line is, the more powerful it will be when you’re cutting through thick weeds and vegetation.

On the other hand, thinner options are better for slicing away at the grass.

Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a line that is between 0.065 and 0.080 inches for most residential projects.

3. Material

When considering the material of your weed trimmer line, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in a spool that is composed of heavy-duty materials.

These materials should also be lightweight and powerful enough to prevent breakage.

The thinner the materials are, the more likely you’ll be to chew through an incredible amount of line.

Most of the big brands will have a formula that is a combination of nylon and plastics, offering durability and versatility.

4. Compatibility

One of the most important things to look at before settling on a specific spool of weed trimmer line is its compatibility with different weed trimmer models.

Unfortunately, not every brand is compatible with every tool, as noted on the back of the packaging or within the product description.

5. Length

To help you get the best deal for the weed trimmer line, you’ll want to make sure you have enough length to last you an entire season, whether it means opting for a giant spool or buying more than one spool at a time.

It’s essential to weigh the price of the line against the amount, as this could be a strong indicator of the quality of the line, as well.

For example, if 300 feet of line from one brand is the same price as 50 feet from another brand, it could mean you’ll work through the larger spool much quicker than the smaller one.

Weed Eater String FAQs

1. What’s the difference between a trimmer line and weed eater string?

Although they might go by two different names, there is no difference between the trimmer line and weed eater string.

Some circles refer to the tools as weed eaters, while others call them weed trimmers, but they are all the same.

2. Is a thicker trimmer line better?

Depending on the type of vegetation you’re facing, a thicker trimmer line could be a better option, as it is known to be more durable and versatile for thick brush and weeds.

The central premise behind the thick line is that it packs a more powerful punch.

Obviously, though, it will also require more power from your weed eater to work as efficiently as a thinner line.

You might also find that a thicker line will be less likely to break apart if you come in contact with curbs and driveways.

3. How can I make my trimmer line last longer?

The number one tip that can help you to make your trimmer line last longer is to make sure that you properly prepare it.

Many professionals find that storing the line in a container of freshwater during the off-season helps to retrain the flexibility of the line, allowing it to last longer.

You will also want to consider soaking your line before feeding it into your trimmer, as it will help it to handle more strain by improving its flexibility.

Achieving the proper weed-eating technique can also help you to limit the amount of trimmer line that you go through in a single season.

You will also want to consider avoiding certain items on your property, such as hardened surfaces, fences, and lawn furniture, as doing so can help to prevent breakage.

4. Why does my trimmer line keep breaking?

There are several reasons as to why your line may be continually breaking, from low build quality to improper storage during the off-season.

The more brittle your line is, the more likely it is to break, even if you’re working with only moderately thick vegetation.

It could be a good idea to try upgrading to a more expensive type of line that doesn’t have a round diameter if you find your current brand has poor longevity.

5. Does trimmer line size matter?

Line size certainly matters when it comes to performance and whether it will be compatible with your specific trimmer.

Always remember, the more challenging the application, the thicker your line should be because it will improve the longevity of the line.

Most brands that have a thick diameter will have far more positive reviews in terms of wear-out and breakage.

Our Final Recommendation

The best weed eater string is undoubtedly the Oregon 21-380 Gatorline String Trimmer Line, as it is both thick and flexible.

You’ll also find that while using the line, it will reduce the operating noise of your trimmer, creating a more peaceful environment.

Another benefit is that it’s likely one of the universal line types that are easy to use in nearly every weed trimmer on the market.

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