Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader Review

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Brinly P20 500bhdf
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We know that the price of the Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader is not as affordable as most people would like. Honestly, we were a tad skeptical about getting it. But after using it for over six months, we can say that it offers enough nifty features to justify its higher price. Read on to know what makes it tick.

Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader

Here is a quick recap of what we liked and didn't like about the Brinly Push Spreader


  • 50-pound capacity
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Deflector kit included
  • Easy assembly and maintenance
  • Versatile Use


  • Tricky adjustment of connector rod between the lever and the hopper
  • Flat bottom gathers the last bit of fertilizer or sand
Brinly P20-500BHDF Push Spreader with Side Deflector Kit, 50-Pound Capacity,Black
  • 50-Lb capacities: heavy-duty rust-proof hopper holds 50 lbs. Of yard fertilizer, grass seed, or snow And ice-melt agents
  • Deflector included: Includes Deflector kit to control material flow and prevent distribution to unwanted areas, Easily flip the Deflector up and out of the way when not in use
  • Easy maneuvering: large 12" X 3" Pneumatic turf-tread tires for durability and an easy push through the lawn

What did we like about it?
Brinly has a history of over 180 years, and it is committed to delivering top-notch products. The P20-500BHDF Push Spreader is no exception; here are all its praiseworthy features.

1. Ergonomic Design

Straight off the bat, we were impressed by how easy it was to assemble this unit. It took a total of a mere 15 minutes, so Brinly did a great job there.

The first time we used it was to spread fertilizer on our lawn in spring. Unlike other, cheaper options out there, the P20 comes with two Pneumatic turf-tread tires that measure 12” x 3”. This, coupled with a slightly higher center of gravity, makes maneuvering it a breeze!

And that’s not all; its simple calibration settings and easy-to-reach controls ensure quick and accurate performance.

2. Durability

When you’re considering buying a product on the costlier side, you’d want it to last for as long as possible. And to that end, the P20 from Brinly doesn’t disappoint one bit.

Its shaft and agitator feature stainless steel construction, and its rust-resistant gearbox is fully enclosed. Moreover, the poly-coated frame is built to withstand rough use and all kinds of weather conditions.

3. Versatility

We didn’t use this Brinly spreader only for fertilizing the lawn in the spring. We get quite a bit of snow cover in the winters; we could spread snow-melting agents like salt and sand without any hassle.

What makes it even better is that it comes with a deflector kit to ensure that the fertilizer or snow-melting agent is spread accurately with minimum wastage.

Long story short - it makes an ideal fit for any homeowner looking to maintain a small property of up to 0.5 acres. And it’s built and designed to ensure optimal performance in every season.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As good as this spreader from Brinly is, it is not perfect. We couldn’t help but notice a couple of downsides while using it, but these aren’t dealbreakers.

Adjusting the rod that connects the lever to the hopper was a bit tricky. We had to read the instructions twice to get it right. Here’s what you should be doing - set the lever to max (30) and then adjust the rod so that the spreader is fully open. When you tighten and close it after that, make sure that you can’t see any light through the holes.

Furthermore, the unit’s flat bottom leads to the last bit of fertilizer or sand sitting there and not feeding into the spreader unless you jerk it.

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