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There are so many different string trimmers on the market at the moment, and it can be hard working out which one suits your garden needs the best.

Everyone is so busy these days, so you have to search for a product that’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently, without breaking the bank or back.

In this Ego String Trimmer review, we will look at its features, pros, and cons.

We took into account product performance and reliability, weight, size, comfort, multiple or single uses for your gardening tools, and, of course, value for money.

It's also a good idea to shop around, so we did the hard work for you with a similar product comparison section as part of the review.

Ego String Trimmer Review

Ego String Trimmer

This easy-to-operate, battery-powered string trimmer is the world’s first string trimmer with self-winding technology.

Coming complete with a warranty and an Ego-compatible battery pack, this lightweight tool will make an excellent addition to any backyard toolkit.

Who Is This Product For?

To make this EGO String Trimmer review comprehensive, we like to take into account who this product is for and who can comfortably use it.

The Ego String Trimmer has been cleverly designed to make it comfortable and extremely simple to use.

You can operate each string trimmer in the Ego range with a single button press, so if you have limited experience using garden tools, this is an excellent option.

The tool's design also dramatically lowers the stress on your back and arms when using it for an hour or so.

Thus, if you struggle with back pain, this tool could also prove to be better than others.

We think the Ego String Trimmer is a perfect addition to most people's garden shed since it is lightweight and durable and has an extended warranty!

This model wouldn’t be suitable for those looking for a commercial-grade trimmer since it is designed for consumer use only.

What’s Included?

The EGO String Trimmer comes alongside two double carbon shafts, one ARC lithium-ion battery, and one charger.

You will also receive a first-time use instruction manual and information on the lifetime warranty.

Ego also makes a useful detachable shoulder strap that you can order separately.

We’d recommend purchasing the shoulder strap at the same time for comfort and ease of handling while working on your garden.

Overview of Features

The features of the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer that stood out the most are:

  • Warranty

The first thing that stood out to us is the included five-year limited warranty since it shows the manufacturer has huge confidence in its product's quality and strength.

It also offers the buyer complete peace of mind, as if anything was to go wrong, your investment is protected, and the manufacturer will repair the problem for you.

The carbon fiber shaft goes one better than this, with a lifetime warranty, pretty much guaranteeing that it will not break.

  • Speed and Performance

The variable speed control of the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer gives the user ultimate control and the ability to save power where possible.

If you're just trimming a light patch of grass, you can set it on low, saving the higher settings for thicker patches of weeds and brush.

The trimmer's head has a 15-inch cutting swath, which gives you an excellent cutting surface area and will save you time when working on your garden.

It will also squeeze into fairly small spaces, for example, between the shed and the garden fence.  

  • Easy to Use

The Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer is extremely simple to use.

Simply load your line, push the button, and start trimming!

  • Carbon Fiber Shaft

Another notable feature is the carbon fiber shaft. Ego found a way to make their landscaping products extra lightweight and durable using state-of-the-art carbon fiber.

A lighter and tougher shaft has many obvious benefits to anyone who has ever picked up a traditional, heavier, string trimmer.

Carbon fiber is almost impossible to break and weighs notably less than steel.

You’ll notice a better posture, no more slumping, or heavy machinery around the garden anymore.

  • High Efficiency, Low Vibrations

The highly efficient brushless motor of the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer offers an extended life, which means it won't break down on you in the middle of a job.

It delivers longer run time and low vibrations, which is great news for anyone struggling with back problems. 

The vibrations from this model are also a lot less compared to other string trimmers.

Even after hours of use, users found that they didn’t feel their hands started going numb.

Anyone with experience in weed trimming will know this often happens with some other models.

  • Auto-Load String

The one really predominant feature of the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer is the auto-feeding power load head. Gone are the days of wrestling with spools of lines into a string trimmer head.

Nothing is as easy as the Powerload System! You just feed the line through one of the holes in the head, pull it out of the other end, and even the ends up, so it’s sitting on the trimmer centrally.

Then you simply press the button on the back of the motor, and the Powerload head loads the string automatically for you, in just 10 seconds.

Anyone who had to load a string into a weed trimmer in the past knows it can be a tricky and time-consuming task. Ego have considered this when designing their landscaping range of products.

  • Free-Spinning Bumper Knob 

The Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer also features a free-spinning bumper, which is great if you're sliding the head across the ground since it reduces wear.

Some trimmer bump heads break easily, but Ego's will prevent accidental damage.

  • Safety Switch

There is also a safety switch on this new model of Ego String Trimmer.

You can find it on the right-hand side where your thumb is, so you need to hold it down when you start the motor.

That is great but does not consider left-handed users much. It might prove to be more awkward for left-handed users to operate.


  • Auto-wind string loader
  • Lightweight carbon fiber shaft
  • Good warranty
  • Large cutting swath
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Safety switch
  • Quiet operation
  • Interchangeable batteries with other Ego products


  • Long, non-adjustable handle
  • One battery with limited power time
  • Buttons are not left-hand friendly

How to Get the Most Out of It

Always make sure you keep your receipt and proof of purchase, especially when warranties are concerned.

The receipts will help Ego to determine how old your product is, and will be able to confirm that it is covered.

Also, always take safety precautions when using your Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer.

Firstly, take note of which direction the trimmer spins, which is the direction in which all of the debris will be flying, so make sure to keep yourself, others, and pets, out of harm’s way.

It’s also a good idea to dress appropriately, in long pants and sensible shoes.

Noting which way your trimmer spins is also advantageous since this is your cutting guideline. The trimmer will cut best when swung in this direction.


If you're looking for a weed trimmer for commercial use, heavy jobs, or very dense overgrowth, you might want to consider a commercial-grade trimmer.

We have compared the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer with another of Ego’s products, this time the Power+Commercial String Trimmer STX3800.

This string trimmer is purposely built for bigger, more commercial-sized jobs.

Instead of a single battery like the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer, the Power+Commercial String Trimmer uses a commercial backpack battery (BAX1500).

It balances the weight between your back and front for comfortable trimming.

The motor is also a lot more powerful, allowing you to run for longer and cut through the thicker brush.

The head of both trimmers are the same, 15 inches in diameter, and this commercial model also comes with the same great warranty.

While the commercial string trimmer is more powerful and has a bigger, longer-lasting battery, it is also heavier and has a longer shaft.

It might not be suitable for smaller, older users due to its weight, size, and power.

The commercial trimmer may also be too much, depending on the size of your property or garden.

A machine of this caliber would simply be wasted on a small garden.


There's no doubt that the commercial-grade Ego String Trimmer is superior for landscape gardeners and those with huge properties.

The backpack battery pack is handy and balances a lot of the weight evenly across your body to avoid injury and back pain.

We think, though, if you are not a commercial landscaper, the Ego Cordless Electric String Trimmer is the better, more cost-effective model for the average homeowner.

It is quiet, strong, powerful, and well designed. It also has adequate battery life to get the job done for most small and medium-sized gardens.

The Powerload feature is really convenient, and the extended warranty ensures your investment will be protected for years to come.

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