What are the best Electric Weed Eaters?

Weed Eater Reviews

What are the best Electric Weed Eaters?
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Out of the hundreds of weed eaters sold on the market, how can you find the best electric weed eater for you? To help you on your search, we have listed a few electric weed eaters that will help you clear out the tall grass and weeds infesting your yard or lawn.

But before we go into the nitty-gritty detail of each recommended electric weed eater, first consider the important factors that you should look for in a weed eater.


Comparison Chart

Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

BLACK+DECKER LST560C 60V MAX EASYFEED Cordless String Trimmer

Best ​Electric Weed Eater Reviews

1. ​GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

You have a choice if you want to buy the 10, 5.5, or 4 Amp trimmer. The biggest amp has the widest cutting path at 18” and is also more powerful. It can last hours of cutting, making it efficient to use because you’ll be able to finish your job pretty quickly.

The handles come with an over-mold grip and handle for operator comfort with auxiliary handle for more control when trimming. It is also easy to use and move around because it’s lightweight at 12 pounds.

What's to like about the ​GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

​This isn’t a deal breaker though as it still functions well. Assembly is a breeze – it only takes about 10 minutes. Afterwards you can zap away weeds and grass.

What's not to like about the ​GreenWorks Corded String Trimmer

​The length handle can also be easily adjusted to match your height. However, if you’re over 6 foot, you might find the maximum length too short.


  • ​Easy to use and move around
  • Lightweight
  • ​Easy assembly


  • ​Max length may be short for tall users

2. ​Toro Co Electric String Trimmer

The Toro trimmer is a corded machine that has a 5 amp motor and extra-wide 14-inch cutting head.

To make cutting more comfortable, the Toro String Trimmer comes with an assist handle for additional balance and comfort as well as an auto-feed trim line that automatically adjusts the line for perfect cutting length. This weed eater comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What's to like about the ​Toro Co Electric String Trimmer

​It’s special feature is the conversion of trimmer to edger with just a push of a button, and rust-free aluminum shaft to ensure that your electric weed eater would last you years.

What's not to like about the ​Toro Co Electric String Trimmer

​There are some problems with the line feed as complained by some buyers.


  • ​Rust-free aluminum shaft
  • ​Powerful motor
  • ​Comfortable to operate


  • ​Inconsistent line feed

3. ​Black & Decker Cordless Electric GrassHog String Trimmer

This electric weed eater made by Black & Decker has a good reputation for being a really effective cutter at an affordable price. It is cordless, meaning you can easily transfer from one spot to another without worrying about cables and power source. Two 18-volt batteries come with this string trimmer for longer run time.

It also prides itself with its lightweight body, weighing only 6.4 pounds. The shaft can also be adjusted to your desired height.

What's to like about the ​Black & Decker Cordless Electric GrassHog String Trimmer

​The motor includes an exclusive PowerDrive transmission that enables it to deliver power to the cutting string so you can finish the job faster. It also starts fairly fast, with only a pull of the trigger and like the Toro, can be quickly converted to an edger.

What's not to like about the ​Black & Decker Cordless Electric GrassHog String Trimmer

​This trimmer has issues with the battery charging process. Also, the automatic line feed has problems.


  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Can be converted to an edger
  • ​Lightweight body


  • ​Automatic line feed breakdown
  • ​Battery charging
  • List Element


Thorny thistles and heavy bush should be easily taken care of by your electric weed eater of choice. Having a strong and heavy-duty whacker cuts the time spent on cutting and manicuring your lawn.

It’s also best to search for one that lasts a long time, especially if you have heavily invested in one. Weed eaters generally don’t come cheap, especially if it is composed of high-quality, durable materials. Although if you are on a tight budget, ones that are made of plastic will still do the job, but might not last as long.

With the above important points mentioned, you should also look at the following factors:

​Design and Features

These factors rest heavily on your preferences, especially the design. You can purchase an electric weed eater that has a pole that can be adjusted to match your height.

It would be painful to work with a trimmer that is too short or too big, because at the end of the day, you’ll have sore limbs and back. You can choose if you want single or double string, and choose how heavy you want your weed eater.

Some prefer to have heavy weed eaters because they are able to control and maneuver while effectively attacking weeds. Some prefer it light because they like the feeling of wielding a swordstick.

It really depends on you and how long you’re planning to use your weed eater for. It’s not advisable to use heavy trimmers if you’re going to stick with it for an entire day.

​Ease of Use

​The most common areas that you should look at, to be able to safely say that you’re going to have a breeze using your trimmer, are the starting mechanisms, spool replacement, anti-vibration, anti-noise, and cushioned handles.

There are more, but as previously mentioned, it depends on your preferences. You’ll be the one who’ll use it after all, so make sure that you’re comfortable with the machine before paying for it. Some stores don’t accept returns, so be careful.

​Help and Support

​Many trimmers come with years of warranty and service. Most last two years but some extend up to four to five years. Most reviewers put in what they think of the customer service, especially if a part breaks down.

That will give you an inkling on how serious the company is about their customer support. Don’t forget to check if there are service centers near you, phone and email support, warranties, replacement parts, etc.


A clean-cut, manicured lawn or yard should always be given importance because it mirrors the people living in it. If you care about the cleanliness of your environment, then it will go back to you, bringing safety to your family, as well as relaxing lounges outdoors. Maintaining the short length of grass is not a difficult feat; all you need is an electric weed eater that works efficiently.

There are tons out there, such as the ones in the example that does the job in a jiffy. You also don’t need to spend top-dollar to get the one that functions well; you can purchase an electric weed eater that lasts years in less than a hundred bucks!

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