John Deere D Series vs. E Series – Which set has better lawn tractors?

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This article compares the D Series and the E Series by looking at overall efficiency and consistent quality of the lawn mowers under these series. The D Series and E Series are among the sets of lawn mowers that have been manufactured by John Deere.

Do you know what to look for when purchasing a lawn tractor? The most important factors to consider when trying to find a lawn tractor that suits your needs are the design of the mower, its power and performance, its efficiency and ease of use, its ease of acquiring replacement parts and whether the mower is the right own for your lawn type.

John Deere has a long-standing reputation for producing dependable and high-quality lawn tractors that best fir your need. You can see this through the D-Series and the E- Series of its lawn tractors. They differ in features with the E-Series being a more advanced version than the previous D-Series.

John Deere D Series vs. E Series

John Deere D-Series

The lawn tractors under the John Deere D-Series were distinctively made for heavy duty haulage and for multi-utility applications. They are also suitable for agricultural application. They have a high power value that makes them productive. They deliver better fuel efficiency when carrying out any kind of agricultural work.

The John Deere D-Series consist of tractors with an engine horsepower range of 36HP to 50HP which contribute to a dependable mowing experience.

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John Deere E-Series

The lawn tractors under the E Series by John Deere cater for farmers who have large holding patterns and they are available in 50HP to 75HP ratings. They have been particularly designed for heavy duty applications. They handle heavy loads and large size implements.

The models under the E-Series are 9, that is, 2 mid frame models (318E and 320E) and 3 large frame models (326E, 328E and 332E). In CTLs, there are 2 mid-frame models (319E and 323E) and 2 large frame models (329E and 333E).

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How do the features of these two compare?


The E-Series lawn tractors have been made with a tilt able steering column to allow for operator comfort unlike the previous D-Series lawn comes with multiple positions that give room for adjusting the steering wheel based on the operated comfortable driving position which reduces fatigue and helps in easy entry and exit from the tractor.


The 5D series tractors are made for optimized performance for agricultural application, for multi utility applications and for heavy duty haulage while the E Series have been manufactured to handle heavy loads and large size implements; and for other heavy duty applications.

The E-Series have high backup torque that are supposed to prevent temporary overload. Backup torque is the ability for the tractor to continue working as the engine pulls down because of the increased load requirements that goes above the maximum power. It also reduces frequent gear shifting during tillage applications and haulage which in turn reduces operator fatigue.


The E-Series has hydraulic wet disk brakes while the D-Series has mechanical wet disc brakes. The hydraulic actuated brakes in the E-Series make the lawn tractors easy to use and it delivers more stopping power. The hydrostatic power allows for smooth control of the E-series tractors than the D-Series tractors.

The E-series are featured with larger frame engines that provide 10% more horsepower than the D-series which have engine horsepower of 22 to 135. A lawn tractor with higher horsepower enables you to do a lot more work within a shorter period of time when compared to a lawn tractor with lower horsepower.

With higher horsepower, the E-Series tractors use less fuel and are more suitable for handling multiple cutting decks as long as they are regularly maintained. This makes them more reliable as they would serve you for a longer period of time.

Performance and overall efficiency

The E-Series has been optimized with PowrReverser transmission which is equipped with a shift able 540/540 Economy Pro that is ideal for heavy applications on its tractors. 12X12 gear power reverser transmission. This PowrReverser by John Deere delivers 12 forwards speeds and 12 reverse speeds for operators who need additional operating ranges for field work and other applications.

The highest level of productivity of the lawn tractor is achieved during mowing with a hydraulic power shift between forward and reverse movement. This is ideal for loader and rear blade discharge that need frequent switches in tights spaces. Good modulation allows you to change the direction lever between neural, forward and reverse with ease and the travel direction can be changed without putting down the clutch pedal. This way you are able to control the modulation from a slow response to a fast one with ease.

Additionally, the E-Series have skid steers that allow you to work around any weather conditions. They are equipped with snow pushers and blades which clean up anything that you may find along your way.

Additional Features

The John Deere has equipped the E-Series lawn tractors with an Easy Change 30-Second Oil Change System. Compared to the previous D-Series, operators are able to easily change oil by twisting on a new cartridge that has both the oil and the filter without having to drain oil.

The E-Series have fluid-fill and service checkpoints that have been grouped and color-coded together with a properly placed maintenance chart to help you ensure that nothing gets overlooked. They also have removable rear side panels that allow wide-open service access. These features make the maintenance of your lawn tractor easier.


Complex machinery is often exhausting to handle. However, the John Deere E Series delivers comfort, convenience and reliability. It has gone through modifications that make it more reliable as compared to the D Series. The convenience in use and easy maintenance is worth appreciating. Lastly, it has a bigger fuel tank, more steering pump flow and more lifting power than the D-Series which would elevate your overall mowing experience.

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