Black and Decker Trimmer Auto Feed Not Working: What to Do

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black and decker trimmer auto feed not working
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Are you a homeowner dedicated to setting up the design of your lawn area and maintaining it now and then? Then do not worry!

Having a weed eater and trimmer at your home is the best way to go.

You can reassure that your lawn and yard is a safe place to be and will surely have an excellent view.

That is if the equipment is working correctly.

If the weed trimmer that you have bought has a defect that came with it, you need to ask for help from the company’s customer support or try to investigate what the problem is by yourself.

You can also try to follow guides you can find on the internet, just like some of these tips to know what to do if the Black and Decker Trimmer auto feed not working.

What Are the Features of the Black and Decker Trimmer?

Before we teach how to solve a non-functional auto-feed system, let's first have a good understanding of the machine itself.

1. Type

The Black and Decker is an electrically-powered product that has a long electrical cord.

It has a secured system that prevents it from being unplugged unintentionally, especially when not in use.

The Black and Decker Weed Trimmer is also famous for its lithium-ion batteries.

It is convenient for homeowners who hate smoke, and the need to carry a heavy gas-filled trimmer.

The only downside of having this type of trimmer is that the range of your movements is limited since power is continuously needed.

2. Size

The Black and Decker Weed Trimmer has a smaller size compared to standard electric weed trimmers.

It is made only for maintaining the appearance of your lawn area, so it is a lot lighter and usually used to trim lawn areas not always cut.

Its approximate weight is 4.5 pounds, but it is made up of solid materials so handling it is not that hard.

3. Key Parts

This electric weed trimmer has a small head found on its string trimmer made to maintain edging after mowing and reaching areas that are hard to trim.

The 13-inch diameter of the Black and Decker Weed Trimmer makes it easy to maneuver through hard-to-reach areas.

The head can rotate 180 degrees from its base so after trimming your lawn, you can still do any edging that you may need to do.

It has a 4.4 ampere-motor that can spin at the speed where overgrown grasses and weeds can be tackled by it.

Tall grasses should be cut for a whole row before going to the next one to avoid any leaf blades from breaking the trimmer's blade.

It also has an automatic feed spool feature where any vibrations are reduced as the cutting progresses.

Black and Decker Trimmer Auto Feed Not Working: Problems and Solutions

A weed trimmer’s automatic feed is made to trigger more of the line out when it is needed.

Depending on the type of weed trimmer you have, the automatic feed may stop working if the head is tapped or the centrifugal force of the automatic feed system pushes the line out of its alignment.

Since most operating systems are the same, the auto-feed system is not working due to a clog that prevents the line from coming out.

Removing the clog and checking on the feeding system are the most common solutions to these problems.

1. Jammed Line

The most common cause of the Black and Decker Trimmer auto feed not working is a jammed line, which happens within the spool.

To prevent this from happening, the line should smoothly come out and be winded tightly.

Also, avoid the overlapping of the lines since it can also cause the lines to aggregate and clog the spool.

The spare line from Black and Decker has a specific diameter, so this can also cause the line to jam if the size does not fit the spool.

Buy the recommended line from the user’s manual and use it to replace the old line on the spool.

2. Sticky Spool

If a jammed line is not the issue, another cause of the problem may be found on the spool.

Any foreign object, dirt, or mud can cause the line on the spool to stick onto it.

Thus, even though you have bumped the head, the automatic feed system will not work.

In this case, clean the spool with a detergent that you use normally and rinse it with warm water.

3. Broken Spool

Aside from having a dirty spool, one of the problems that may cause your Black and Decker Trimmer Auto Feed not to work is that it is broken.

Cracks and unexpected openings can also break the automatic feed system.

The spool is the guide of the line, so it needs to spin appropriately on the head, and if it is bent or has cracks, the line will not come out.

The only thing that you can do to fix this problem is to buy a replacement Black and Decker spool from your local garden store that sells.

Make sure that you buy a spool that fits your Black and Decker Weed Trimmer.

4. Broken Spring

Broken and dirty spools are not the only causes of this problem.

The spring under the spool may also be bent or has lost its spring ability.

If the spring is broken, the spool will just stay on the head.

Another thing is that the spring may not be connected to the spool properly, so it cannot perform the work it needs to do.

Try pushing the spool against it now and then to check if it still has its resistance.

If the resistance of the spring is not enough for the spool not to work, you may need to replace it with a new one.


There are a lot of reasons why the Black and Decker Trimmer auto-feed system is not working.

The main takeaway here is that you first need to identify the cause so that you can solve the issue.

If all else fails and you can't find what's wrong, contacting a professional is the best way to go.


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