Fixing Common Honda 4 Stroke Trimmer Problems

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honda 4 stroke trimmer problems
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We understand that it can get frustrating trying to troubleshoot problems with your stroke trimmer.

Honda is known for producing high-quality trimmers, but there’s always a risk of issues occurring.

If you’d rather not invest in replacing or repairing parts, then you can try to troubleshoot the problems yourself.

While the Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer is explicitly designed to be used by professional landscapers, frequent use can cause issues where the device may stop working.

Below, we will teach you how to troubleshoot Honda 4 Stroke Trimmer problems.

Common Honda 4 Stroke Trimmer Problems

The Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer is known to require minimal maintenance and last for years to come.

However, there are a few common issues we see happen with these devices.

The trimmers may be designed to last through the toughest jobs, but they will still run into problems.

There are a few common ones that we find that happen frequently.

First, the engine may start to develop problems.

Secondly, the trimmer itself may begin to wear down or need replacements.

Before You Start

To ensure that you’ve spotted the problem, we’ve come up with a guide that you can follow.

Before you begin, though, we have some reminders that we want you to keep in mind.

1. Prioritize Your Safety

The first step to troubleshooting your trimmer is to identify if there are any safety hazards; you don’t want to hurt yourself, others around you, or damage the product.

Trimmers are pieces of equipment that are prone to becoming dangerous if not correctly handled.

We find that putting on safety gloves, goggles, and headphones can help prevent any risks.

After that, you’re going to want to make sure that the device itself is entirely powered down.

To do so, you’ll want to place the equipment on a flat surface and switch the on/off button off.

The engine will need at least 10 to 20 minutes to cool down, so if you’ve used it recently, we recommend letting it sit there until it cools down.

After that, you can start to diagnose the problems with the device.

2. Read the Instruction Manual

Honda is known to produce high-quality machines that generally won’t have any issues, but sometimes, it does happen, and the company is aware of a few of these problems.

For that reason, the user manual has a small section that lists quick fixes to these problems.

Highlighted in the guide are common solutions like repairs, cleaning, and conditions to check every few months.

The equipment may be prone to these problems if maintenance isn’t kept.

Common Problems With the Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer

The best way to ensure the device does not develop any issues is by going through the different diagnostic issues highlighted in the user manual.

However, if and when you do encounter issues, here are possible tricks and tips that may help you out:

1. Engine Not Starting

The most common issue we were able to find with the Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer is that the engine will refuse to start.

With the Honda HHT35SUKAT and UMC435 LAAT models, the engine stops working if the tank is emptied of gasoline.

An easy fix to this problem is to drain the remaining gasoline from the tank and replace it with new gas.

The trimmer will start to work once it’s been filled up again.

Engine stability can vary if the gasoline is running low, so even if there’s a bit left, you may still need to drain and replace any remaining gasoline.

Always remember to drain the gas beforehand; similarly to your car, it’s not a good idea to mix gasoline types or mix old and new gas.

To avoid any problems, we highly recommend that you fully drain the tank and allow it to dry.

Another issue with the engine that we’ve found to be common is that the switch may not be working correctly.

With the newer models, the switch may appear to be in the “On” position, but may actually be stuck.

Switching the spark plug or fuel filter may help fix this problem.

2. No Power in System

Another frequent issue that we tend to come across is that the engine will lose power.

You can quickly identify this issue if you notice that the engine speed isn’t increasing.

Out of all the problems, this is an easy fix.

The filter needs to be either cleaned or replaced with new ones.

Here’s how to clean a filter (given that the filter is washable):

  • Take the filter out of the device.
  • Scrub it down gently with a mild detergent.
  • Allow the filter to dry.
  • Place the filter back into the slot and test.

3. Broken Spark Arrester or Throttle Cable

One of the other major issues we’ve seen is either a broken spark arrestor or throttle cable.

The problem here is that these parts are generally more expensive to purchase and install rather than to get a new machine.

We only recommend purchasing a full OEM Honda replacement part if you find it necessary.

4. Line Head Turns Continuously

The cutting head may get stuck on a loop and continuously turn.

If this is the problem with your device, then you will need to contact support.

There’s currently no fix for this other than either replacing the unit or replacing specific parts.

These parts are either the throttle cable or clutch that becomes damaged.

Sadly, the company doesn’t sell these replacement parts, and Honda doesn’t do well with other pieces you can find online.

Hence, you’ll need to send it in if you see any damages to these areas.

5. Too Many Vibrations

One of the fatal issues with any trimmer is if it starts to produce too many vibrations.

Vibrations are generally an indication of loose parts.

The sooner you identify these issues, the better.

We’d recommend taking the unit apart and tightening the loose parts.

To do this, you’ll need a tool kit with adequate screwdriver sizes and extra drill bits.

Other issues with vibrations can be from loose blades.

If you’re going to adjust the blades, always use thick work gloves.

6. Clean Old or Dirty Parts

Other minor issues that you may run into will have to do with the condition of the device.

If you’re not keeping up with cleaning the machine, then it’s easy for it to become clogged.

Common places for the dirt and grass to build up are near the blade, head, and protective shield.

Wiping down the device after every use can help prevent a buildup of grime.

7. String Getting Clogged

If you’re not used to feeding the spool through a trimmer, then the string can get caught.

To fix this issue, you’ll need a new spool of string.

Honda 4-Stroke Trimmers come with string already attached but may require replacements.

You can purchase extra string suitable for the device from the Honda website.

To restring a Honda trimmer, check out the step-by-step guide in this video.

8. Look for Loose Attachments

The last and final fix you can try is loose attachments.

Honda provides many different types of attachments.

These enable the device to be used for a large amount of landscaping.

However, this also means that attachments break or can be attached wrong.

Most of the attachments come with a locking system, so to ensure that it’s correctly attached, you should join the lock into place.

When you hear an audible click, that’s when you know the attachment is in place.

honda 4 stroke trimmer problems

Best Honda 4-Stroke Trimmers

Honda generally produces very durable and stable devices.

If you’re running into serious issues with the trimmer, then we don’t recommend fixing it yourself.

Common problems, like the ones we’ve listed above, may be corrected without help due to only requiring a bit of knowledge.

However, the more significant issues, such as replacing parts or adjusting inner compartments, should be saved for customer support.

Honda features extended warranties that can last up to five years.

Due to this, it may be more cost-efficient to send the device in rather than fixing it yourself.

Some models are designed with safety features, but even then, that doesn’t mean that issues won’t occur.

If you’re looking for a Honda 4-stroke trimmer to add to your arsenal, we’ve got just the right options for you.

1. Honda UMC435LAAT

Honda UMC435LAAT VersAttach System 4 Cycle 35cc Power Head
  • Honda's easy starting GX 35 cc 4-stroke engine, it runs on straight, unleaded gas, no need to mix gas and oil
  • Honda's innovative SureLoc joint locking system makes it easy to connect attachments with confidence, just push and click to lock your attachment in place, no tools are required SureLoc takes the guesswork out of knowing if the attachment is properly secured to the powerhead
  • Equipped with Honda's anti-vibration system, a rubber mounted shaft between the shaft and the clutch reduces vibration, this creates a more comfortable user experience, especially for long periods of operation

The Honda UMC435LAAT is one of the more recent models of trimmers that are specifically designed for commercial and residential use.

With an upgraded engine, extra safety features, and multiple attachments, there’s not much reason not to get the device.


Here’s a quick overview of some of the features:

  • Upgraded 4-Stroke Engine

This engine boasts a powerful start system that cuts down on start-up time.

  • Unleaded Gas Compatibility

The Honda UMC435LAAT uses unleaded gas, so there’s no need to take the time to mix gas and oil together.

This cuts down on how often you’ll need to replace the oil.

  • Quick Acceleration

This machine is designed with heavy torque and rapid acceleration.

This feature helps the unit effectively be used on thick grass, heavy brush, or dense outdoor areas.

The strong torque also enables enhanced throttle and extends fuel efficiency.

  • Ergonomic Design

The handle is designed to be U-shaped and fit comfortably in your hand.

This helps enable you to use the device for extended periods without hand cramping.

Plus, it will increase your control and allow you precision while trimming.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation

The unit features a two-lined head that makes it have quiet operation.

This means that the noise level is reduced, and you can use it without earmuffs.

  • Lower Vibration

The engine is designed to produce lower vibrations.

With this unique advanced system, the engine clutch is less likely to develop issues over time.

This includes a better location of the engine clutch that’s located further from the operator.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Another massive benefit of the Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The warranty covers any issues with compartments and performance.

If any of the parts fail, you will be able to contact their support line to help get the unit fixed.

Plus, the limited lifetime warranty includes repairs.


  • Multiple varieties of attachments
  • Runs on unleaded gas
  • Enhanced safety
  • Quiet operation


  • A bit heavy

2. Honda HHT35SUKAT Honda Trimmers/Brush Cutters

The Honda HHT35SUKA is one of the newer models of trimmers designed for multiple outdoor jobs.

It features an extensive range of attachments, which can help you do anything from clearing saplings or small trees to regular trimming or clearing brush.


Here's a quick overview of some of the features:

  • Quick Acceleration

This trimmer features a four-stroke engine that speeds up acceleration and torque.

There's also the increased throttle, which helps keep up with demanding jobs.

  • Bike Handle Design

This machine features a specialized "U" shaped handle design, which makes it more comfortable to operate.

The U-shape handle also helps provide enhanced control and precision.

  • Unleaded Gas Compatibility

This engine is compatible with unleaded gas.

Overall, this will decrease the frequency of how often you'll need to replace the oil.

  • Less Smoke and Oil

The engine won't burn out like two-stroke engines, so there will be less smoke.

  • Lower Vibrations

The engine produces fewer vibrations on the system.

Due to this, the engine clutch housing system won't burn out as quickly.

This allows you to use the trimmer while minimizing operator fatigue.

  • Ultra Quiet Design

The loader head is designed to be quiet and reduce overall noise.

  • 360-Degree Incline Engine

Lastly, the engine can be stored in any position.

This means that you can store and repair it at any angle.


  • Runs on unleaded gas
  • Powerful enough for demanding jobs
  • Fuel efficient design
  • Adaptable trimming
  • Comfortable to hold for extended periods


  • Burns through the line quickly
  • Bulky

Are There Any Limitations to a Honda 4-Stroker Trimmer?

The only issue we were able to find with the design is that the string may come unattached and that the unit itself is bulkier than other models.

However, we don’t see these flaws as being a reason not to invest in one.

Overall, the quality is much higher than other brands, and the durability has the strength to last through weekly use.

This type of machine can be heavy, but the ergonomic handle helps reduce strain on your wrists and hand.

The heavy-duty engine also can power through most jobs in less time than other trimmers.

In the long run, the weight won’t really matter unless you’re using the machine for extended hours or can’t put weight on your back.


While the Honda 4-Stroke Trimmer is one of the best trimmers on the market, it is prone to a few issues.

Still, these issues are outweighed by the positives of using the system.

Learning how to troubleshoot common Honda 4 Stroke Trimmer problems can help save you time and money.

However, if you tend to find more serious issues, we recommend contacting Honda support or repair service.

These services include replacement parts and have the necessary tools to fix any problems with spare parts.

Although, if there are significant issues with the device that look like they can’t be fixed, we recommend replacing the system.

It can be dangerous repairing if parts break or crack.

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