Defiance XRE vs. Titan RX Fescue seed- Which of the two are better for overseeding your fescue lawn?

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Overseeding is the action of spreading new grass seeds over an already existing lawn with the intention of bringing about thick, green and new growth. As time goes by, thinning and bald patches can be identified in your lawn because Fescue grass tends to grow vertically and in clumps. Done right, overseeding helps manage these type of situations and rejuvenate your lawn to a lush and well-maintained turf.

Among the Tall Fescue grass seed blends, are Defiance XRE and Titan RX which have been made for overseeding your Fescue lawn. In this article, we will look at the differences in the properties of these two grass seeds and identify which one is better for overseeding your lawn when the time comes.

Defiance XRE vs. Titan RX

Defiance XRE

Defiance XRE is a seed mixture that has been developed from mixing 90% Tall Fescue grass and 10% Kentucky bluegrass. It has a dark green appearance, is featured with rhizome formation and has an improved tolerance to wear from both foot and vehicle traffic. It has the ability to quickly repair damages on your lawn and it is resistant to brown patch, net blotch and leaf spot. Even better, it is resistant to diseases and pests.

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Titan RX

Titan RX Grass Seed is the 4th generation perennial seed from Titan Fall Fescue grass that has been optimized to provide a durable and attractive turf at all times of the year even in times of poor conditions. It is featured with an increased rhizome development, higher resistance to brown patch, high tolerance to conditions such as drought and winter and its color has been improved.

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How do the characteristics of these two grass seeds compare?

Considering the fact that both Defiance XRE and Titan RX have been developed from the Tall Fescue seed line, they have almost similar properties. However, the difference is seen in the durability and strength of the Defiance XRE Tall Fescue grass seed over the Titan RX Tall Fescue grass seed.


Defiance XRE is suitable for heavy traffic areas such as sports fields, golf courses, parks and other commercial lawns.

Titan RX, on the other hand can be used by sod producers, homeowners and also in athletic fields.


Titan Rx has a medium green color that is lighter than the Defiance XRE which has a dark green color with medium fine textured leaves and it has a semi-dwarf habit of growing.

Heat resistance

As both Defiance XRE and Titan RX grow through your lawn, it forms a canopy which helps your grass retain water and it forms an extensive root network which is able to tap water and nutrients in the soil during times of heat. Therefore, you don’t really have to worry if you are growing your lawn in areas that have extreme solar pressure and hot temperatures.

When compared to other tall fescue grass, it survives longer through hot temperatures because of its self-repairing rhizomes that continually spread to fill in all the bare spots in your lawn. These rhizomes function by developing new shoots that promote quick recovery and thickening on your lawn.

The difference between Defiance XRE and Titan XR is that Defiance XRE has extreme rhizome expression which is higher than that of the Titan XR grass seed making it able to grow into clumpy areas as well and continue growth aside from filling bare spots.

Shade Tolerance

If you are growing your lawn in an area with a lot of shade from trees or buildings, Titan RX and Defiance XRE would be ideal for overseeding as it has a high tolerance to shade. The difference is that Defiance XRE has a higher tolerance to shade as compared to Titan RX. Additionally, they both have a high resistance to cold temperatures.

Resistance to diseases, pests and weeds

Titan RX has been optimized with endophytes. The endophytes produce chemicals which resist weeds such as crabgrass, clover and dandelion; diseases such as brown patch and red thread and also pests such as weevils and army worms.

Compared to other tall fescue blends, Defiance XRE also has endophytes but at a higher amount which makes it recover faster from any disease, kills pests and deters weeds better.


When the temperature and soil moisture are adequate around your lawn, you would see new seedlings of the Titan RX and Defiance XRE in about seven to ten days.

How do you overseed your lawn with Titan RX or Defiance XRE?

The best time to overseed your lawn with Titan RX OR Defiance XRE grass seeds would be towards late summer to early fall. The reason for this is because this would be the time of peak growth and the warm season weeds such as crabgrass would be inactive.

Afterwards, you should mow your lawn to a very short height and remove all the grass clippings, thatch and debris by using a rake.

If your lawn has any problems such as weed infestation, you should use post-emergent herbicides. Where there are issues such as nitrogen deficiency, you need to test your soil and apply fertilizer for better results.

Once this is done, you should use a lawn spreader to apply seed on your lawn. When overseeding with Defiance XRE, you should add six to eight pounds for every 1000 square meters annually while for Titan XR, you should add four to six pounds for every 1000 square feet and ensure that it is evenly raked into the soil.

Lastly, once you have done this, using a pre-emergent herbicide would protect your upcoming seedlings from being vulnerable to weeds. From here, you can water your lawn and ensure regular maintenance.


Defiance XRE is more durable for your lawn and it has higher tolerance properties than the Titan XR. However, overseeding with any of these is only successful when you do it right. Otherwise too much overseeding can cause a lawn that is filled with clumpy grass when the new grass sprouts begin to overlap each other.

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