Earthway 2170 Commercial Broadcast Push Spreader

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Finding a push spreader that offers superior and lifelong performance seems challenging, right? Well, look no more! We bring you the commercially designed Earthway 2170 Push Spreader, which is capable of handling large lawn areas with ease. Read on to know what makes it a value for money option!

Here is a quick recap of what we liked and didn't like about the Earthway 2170 Commercial Broadcast Push Spreader


  • 100lbs capacity
  • Lifetime tech support and 1-year warranty
  • Includes a patented 3-hole drop system
  • Robust build


  • Assembly is tedious and time-consuming
Earthway 2170 Commercial Broadcast Push Spreader

Earthway 2170 Commercial Broadcast Push Spreader

What Did We Like About It?

Earthway is a leading brand dedicated to the manufacture of top-notch garden tools. And the 2170 push spreader is one of its popular innovations. That being said, let’s take a look at its brilliant features.

1. Durability

When we plan on investing in a spreader, we expect it to last for several years to come. And thanks to its heavy-duty construction, the Earthway 2170 will not let you down! Featuring an Epoxy powder-coated “diamond” chassis with a load-bearing capacity of 179 pounds, it serves as one of the most durable options out there.

Apart from this, the spreader comes with a super-duty gearbox with enclosed gear, ensuring hassle-free service for years. You don’t even have to worry about tires getting worn out since they include rust-free poly rings for smooth and long-lasting performance.

2. Easy to Operate

We were quite impressed by how easy and comfortable it was to use this push spreader. It’s accurate calibrations, and rate control settings ensure quick and precise adjustments.

On trying it out for the first time, we could use it comfortably for hours. This is because of the cushion grip on the height adjustment handle. In fact, the handle features three positions, which, in turn, enabled us to adjust its height with ease, as per our requirements.

3. Capacity

The whopping 100lbs hopper capacity of this particular unit is what caught our attention from the get-go. In other words, the push spreader features a high volume, 3350-cubic-inch hopper that is capable of holding up to 100lbs of fertilizer for significantly large lawn areas.

That being said, you can attach it to any new lawn tractor. And then evenly spread all types of granular materials and fertilizers on a vast property.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Earthway 2170 is undoubtedly a terrific broadcast push spreader that offers the best value for its price. However, we couldn’t help but notice a minor drawback related to its set-up.

We came across a few hiccups while assembling this unit since the manual provided didn’t include proper step-by-step instructions. In fact, many of the steps were skipped, making the overall process quite exhausting to say the least.

Hence, a first-timer will definitely face challenges while putting this spreader together. But once you get past this hurdle, it is effortless to use. All said and done; the unit never compromises on its performance despite its minor assembly-related downside.

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