Goplus Broadcast Spreader Review

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Goplus Broadcast Spreader Review
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The Goplus Broadcast Spreader is the perfect tool for seeding and fertilizing a large area. Not all of us have the budget for a high-end unit, but that doesn't mean you have to make do with sub-par alternatives. That's where this high-utility model comes into the picture.

Read on to know why it makes an excellent choice.

Goplus Broadcast Spreader

Here is a quick recap of what we liked and didn't like about the Goplus Broadcast Spreader


  • Walk-behind design with a sturdy handle for easy use
  • Suitable for a land area of up to 15,000 sq ft
  • Exclusive, accurate plant technology for even distribution
  • Ideal for beginners and older users


  • Poorly written instruction manual
Goplus Broadcast Spreader Builder Fertilizer Push Walk Behind, Garden Seeder Salt Spreader (Green+ 15000 sq ft)
  • 【Perfect for Garden Seeding】The walk-behind design with a handle makes it easy to broadcast salt or seed while pushing it forward, that is perfect for garden seeding and fertilizing around your garden, achieving better and easier gardening.
  • 【Precise Control Spread System】Featuring exclusive accurate plant technology, it can uniformly broadcast your plants to ensure even and better growth.
  • 【Stable and Durable Frame】Made of heavy-duty iron, our broadcast spreader is steady to hold a large-capacity of fertilizer or seeds. And the black powder coated surface makes it rust, corrosion resistance which contributing to long service time.

What Did We Like About It?

1. Durable Design

At its core, this spreader is a walk-behind model designed for heavy-duty applications. To begin with, it features a sturdy, solid frame made of iron that lends stability and force as you push forward. It weighs about 24 lbs, allowing users to comfortably maneuver the unit, perfectly balanced on a pair of high-quality wheels.

While on the subject of wheels, we're very impressed with the superior traction and support they provide while using the unit. Other than that, we also like the black powder-coated surface, which renders it rust and corrosion resistant, thereby extending service life.

2. Precise Control

For a spreader in this price range, we're actually surprised with its precise control and easy to use features. For starters, it features an exclusive, accurate plant technology that can uniformly disperse fertilizer, ensuring better growth. As gardening enthusiasts, we understand the need for spreaders that provide a steady flow rate.

That's where the Goplus Broadcast Spreader shines, facilitating even distribution with minimal effort. It's also quite simple in terms of operation, which in turn makes it suitable for beginners and older users. So, if you're looking to make short work of your gardening chores, we suggest getting this model.

3. Large Capacity

We're very impressed with the full-size hopper of this unit, which further adds to its cost-effectiveness. Simply put, this spacious, deep bowl-like structure can hold enough fertilizer or seeds for a land area of 15,000 sq ft.

Furthermore, this model's superior capacity is especially important when you have a substantially large area to till and maintain. Therefore, you can save time and effort, finishing the chore in one session instead of stopping midway for reloading the hopper.

What Could've Been Better?

Like all good quality spreaders, this too has a flaw or two in its design. However, they are not deal-breakers per se.

But the actual disadvantage is its manual. Long story short, the instructions are difficult to follow, especially if you've never assembled a spreader before. For instance, installing the flow control rod accurately is critical to the proper function of the unit.

However, the instructions on the booklet are hardly self-explanatory, and you may have to look up videos online for proper assembly. So, if you can manage that bit, it is still a great buy.

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