Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit Review

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Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit Review
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We understand that the Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit may not be a preferred choice for most buyers because of its hefty price tag. But after testing it out, we can assure you that it justifies its price with its performance and impressive features. Read on to know more.

Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit

Here is a quick recap of what we liked and didn't like about the Brinly Push Spreader


  • Easy to assemble
  • Flat-free tires
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Can attach itself to most tractors
  • Ensure the smooth and quiet application of manure


  • Manure is not broken down to a fine consistency
Newer Spreader Model 100 Basic Unit
  • The Model 100 Basic unit comes standard with the Drop Pin style Hitch. The Ball Hitch is sold SEPERATELY!
  • This unit is in the aluminum finish (Silver in color)
  • This unit comes standard with Flat Free Tires!

What Did We Like About It?

Newer Spreader is a line of top-notch manure spreaders that serves as the ultimate solution to the common problems faced by small farm owners. And the Model 100 is one of its best models, which we tested extensively for over three months.

1. Construction

We loved the fact that the Newer Spreader Model 100 is constructed using fewer moving parts compared to older spreaders. That’s not all! It is also made using mill-finish aluminum. So, it basically requires no maintenance.

That being said, you need not worry about its longevity. Why? Well, because aluminum is a sturdy and robust material that comes with an extremely long life. Hence, this spreader is a reliable investment option that will serve its purpose over the years.

2. Maneuverability

When it comes to fertilizer spreaders, maneuverability plays a vital role. The Model 100 is a lightweight unit, weighing 110 pounds, and it comes with a drop pin-style hitch. This enabled us to attach it to most lawn tractors for ease of mobility in all types of terrain.

In fact, we were impressed at how smoothly and evenly it discharged manure, even in the most uneven area. This is all thanks to its flat-free tires and non-movable parts.

3. Smooth Operation

Apart from being easy to move around, the spreader can be operated with ease for the smooth application of manure and fertilizers. Now, old manure spreaders are unable to break the manure for uniform spreading. This, in turn, makes the entire process time-consuming and hectic for farmers, to say the least.

But this unit from Newer Spreader comes with a patented drum. It crumbles the manure efficiently and then spreads it over the entire area in about 200 feet. Hence, it is a major blessing for most small farm owners of today.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Truth be told, we didn’t really come across any significant drawback related to this almost-perfect spreader. However, it is important to mention its minor flaw in order to give you a balanced idea of it.

The patented drum manages to crumble the manure, but the consistency is not as fine as most would desire. Having said that, we consider this to be a negligible factor as it didn’t compromise its performance. We achieved desired results as it ensured the uniform spreading of the manure.

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