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simplicity snow blower review
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Using a snow blower is an easy way to get the fallen snow off of your driveway. This machine is easy to use and takes care of the job quickly.

With that said, how do you know if the model you get is a good option? How can you be sure if it will work the way you want it to?

One of the most talked-about models right now is the Simplicity Dual-Stage Select Snow Thrower.

As such, we have decided to put it to the test.

This Simplicity snow blower review aims to see whether or not this unit lives up to its reputation.

In addition, it also seeks to help you find out if this model is going to work for you, and whether it is worth the price.

Simplicity Snow Blower

The Simplicity Dual-Stage Snow Thrower is a medium-duty machine made for the worst winters.

It boasts a strong-enough build that can take snow and break it up so that you can remove hard, packed-in snow from your yard or driveway.

With this, you get a large snowblower’s power and capabilities but a small snowblower’s build and maneuverability.

This makes it a great option for those who don't have the space to store a larger snowblower but want the high power that comes with one.

Who Is This Product For?

This medium-duty snow blower is made for families and individuals who have a large area of snow they need to get rid of.

Obviously, it is a lot of work when you shovel it on your own, but this machine will make the job much easier.

Still, because it is not a heavy-duty option, you shouldn’t use it on very large spaces that have lots of snow. Instead, it is best used for yards and driveways.

This is a pretty simple option, so it is good for beginners who don’t have much experience with these types of machines.

The operation doesn’t take much other than starting the motor and maneuvering the blower. As such, this is ideal for those with little to no experience in using one before.

Because of the price, which can be around $1,000, it is good for those who have a larger budget for a snowblower.

Customers looking for something that will fit a smaller budget have other options to pick from.

What’s Included?

This snow thrower already comes assembled, so you won’t have to stress over putting it together yourself.

You will find that it has a Briggs & Stratton motor, dual-trigger steering, heated grips on the handle, as well as built-in headlights.

Overview of the Features

This unit is a push option equipped with handles and large rear wheels, making it easy to push and navigate with.

Here are its other excellent features that are sure to help make yard work easier:

  • Briggs & Stratton Motor

The Briggs & Stratton motor is a powerful engine that is designed to start in all weather conditions.

It can handle the cold very well and won’t break down even after continued use.

Impressively enough, this motor can start at below zero temperatures. As a result, you can count on it to never give, even on the coldest days when you need it most.

It supplies the power that you will need to move big chunks of packed-in snow.

This is ideal for both light dusting of snow that is not hard and also for after large snowstorms that have your property covered in inches of snow.

  • Dual-Trigger Steering

The dual-trigger steering system makes turning off the power of the engine very simple. In addition to that, it also helps you turn better.

The system allows you to have control over both wheels and will let you cut power to either wheel when you need to.

As such, you will be able to turn much easier. Since one wheel isn’t being powered by the engine, it makes it simple to turn in that direction.

This works for both wheels, too, so you can turn right or left easily with just a flick of the trigger.

The dual-trigger steering system is also great for those who are left-handed and often have to deal with using their right hand with many basic snow blowers.

  • Dashboard Controls

The dashboard is located at the top of the machine and offers easy controls for the snowblower.

You can aim where you want the blower to point so that the snow goes right where you want it.

All of the controls are centralized and easy to reach, so using them while you are pushing the machine won’t be a problem.

The main controls of the machine are the chute rotation and the deflector. These work to control the angle of the chute so that you can determine where the snow will blow.

  • Free Hand Control

The dashboard controls can be used while you are using the snowblower, but you will need one of your hands to do it.

So, the freehand control system allows you to keep running the machine while you are using the controls.

This makes it easy to keep the snowblower moving forward while changing the direction of the chute.

The machine will not stop, and it can stay on track so that you don’t lose control of it while only having one hand to steer.

Plus, with the ease of the controls, you will be back to steering with two hands quickly.

  • Heated Grips

This snowblower also boasts handles that have grips, making sure your hands are more comfortable, even when using the machine for a long time.

What’s even more impressive is that these grips are heated and can warm your hands while you are working in the snow.

Wearing gloves can help you stay warm, but if you are outside for a while, you will likely still feel the cold.

Thankfully, using the heated grips will keep you warmer when the weather is cold, and you need to do some snow-blowing.


  • Can handle medium-duty tasks
  • Not difficult to operate
  • Comfortable handle grips
  • Keeps your hands warm
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Starts up even in below-zero temperatures


  • Has a high price tag
  • Tires are not the most durable
    • Smaller parts tend to break easily

How to Use to Get the Most Out of it

Getting used to a new machine can be tough, and you will likely not be getting the most out of it while you’re just starting to figure out how to use it.

Thankfully, even if you haven’t used a snowblower before, this unit is user-friendly enough to be easy to use for beginners.

If you want to see it in action, here is a video that will help you learn how to use it to get the most out of your investment.


This Simplicity snow blower review might have you sold on this model already, but if you need something a little bit different, getting a suitable alternative is a great option.

The market has lots of models to explore, and sooner or later, you’ll find one that will match your every need.

To help you out, you might want to check the PowerSmart PSS2240-X, which is one of the best alternatives to the Simplicity snowblower.

Similar to the Simplicity snow thrower, the PowerSmart PSS2240-X runs on a powerful engine. It also has some similar features added to get the job done for you.

Its build is quite the same as Simplicity in that you will find the engine, chute, handles, and dashboard all in the same areas.

The only significant difference is that it doesn't come with any heated handle grips.

Instead, this model has tires that come with a deeper tread, making them able to plow through thick areas of solid snow without stopping.

You will also find that it comes with multiple speed variations to allow you to improve your overall experience.

This model is also easy to start since it has an electric starter that works with just the push of a button.

However, if this ever fails on you, you’d be thankful that it has a manual starter, too. This is very handy for times when the electric start is not working right.


In this Simplicity snow blower review, we found this model is a great option for anyone wanting to purchase a new machine to help deal with packed-in snow.

With the heated grips, dashboard controls, and the powerful engine, it can do jobs that other snow blowers in the same price range simply can't.

Though it is a premium option, it is well worth the price since it can plow through hard and packed-in snow with ease.

Plus, with the freehand controls and the dual-trigger steering, you can get around much easier without needing to stop and start the machine every time you need to switch directions.

This is a snowblower that we would recommend for anyone who lives in an area that sees a good amount of snow in the winter and will need a better way to get rid of it.

Simplicity Dual Stage Select Snow Thrower. 24" 9.5HP MD. Model 1696811
  • Turning Made Easy: Dual-trigger steering makes tight turns effortless. It allows you to stop the power to either wheel, easily turning the machine left or right.
  • Easy Control: Dash-mounted chute rotation and deflector controls make it easy to point snow exactly where you want it.
  • Heated Hand Grips: Heated hand grips with on/off switch keep your hands warmer on cold winter days.

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